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Amilcar & Justina Heredia are a devout Roman Catholic, husband-and-wife musical duo who utilize their talents of playing instruments and singing to answer the call of being servants of the Lord: to be the hands and feet of Jesus; the salt and light of the Earth. Heredia Legacy was established in 2020 in Corpus Christi, Texas and now makes its home outside of Houston, Pearland, Texas. The Heredia’s were active parishioners at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in San Angelo, attending and providing music for weekly Sunday mass and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Thursday evenings. Among being music ministers in their parishes, the Heredia’s also serve on both men’s and women’s retreat teams in Corpus Christi, Texas and Louisiana. They not only lend their talents to the Catholic Church, but also to the community. Amilcar and Justina have provided music for many occasions, both within and outside of the Catholic Church, singing and playing in South Texas, West Texas, and all around San Antonio. By sharing their talents with those around them, Amilcar and Justina have, and continue to, answer God’s calling to being the hands and feet of Jesus, the salt and light of the Earth.

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